Dear Yanti, Made and all staff,
Thank you so much for everything! We had a wonderful stay in villa Rumah Lotus.
It’s probably the most beautiful place we’re ever been and the staff was the most thoughtful and kind ever.
Thanks a lot for all those delicious meal!
We’ll definitely come back
Thanks again, and see you soon!

Date: 2-5 Oct 2014

Dear Yanti, Made and Rumah Lotus Team,
WOW! Our stay here was a real dream!
Thank you for everything. The villa is splendid, the staff very kind and welcoming. It was perfect.
Don’t change anything  We’ll come back for sure!
See you soon!

Cam & Ben
Date: 2-5 Oct 2014


Dear Rumah Lotus team,
You guys were very kind and made our time here, although far too short that I had hoped such a splendid and magical stay. The food was divine and has surely put the restaurants back in Sydney to shame. We loved every moment and we felt at home (only a lot better). I very much enjoyed the bath tub and Made’s guided walk around the village.
What a splendid and unforgettable experience!
We hope to return soon.

From Grace
Date: 29 Sep- 2 Oct 2014

Dear Made, Yanti and Staff
We have had a truly beautiful stay in villa Rumah Lotus,
This is truly a place of peace.
It exceeded our expectations and I know we will return.
Thank you

Peter & Sharan Gilsmac
Date : 26 Sept 2014

Dear Made and the Crew,
What a dream staying 3 nights in this villa. Everything is just perfect, simple everything.
I hope we will be able to come back sometimes.

David & Teresa
(Ejech REP)
Date : Sep 2014


Dear Made, Yanti and Mr. Gusti,
Thanks for giving us a wonderful time. This is such a peaceful palce. We enjoyed every minute we were here and look forward to returning.

Craig & Amanda
Date: 6 Sep 2014


Soyons reconnaissants aur personnel qui noos donnent de Bonheur : clles sout les charmants jordiniers par qui nos amiss out flauid
Narcel Proust
En em mot : NERCI!

Synel & Lauren
Date : 27 Aug 2014


Onipoure de supen vacances, La mouriture etat lier bonne, la villa eat tried belle et oguible. Merci al eqripe de Rumah Lotus.
Luotric, Matrilde,Selmo,Maxime et A mauch Radie
Thank You!
Bravo por Q petit can de parads, le collie, lo beaite de payige, le confoit de la neisa, la sentillane at I’efficocte de node, Yant al tal legipe de Ruioh Letis non ant pernic de laisses lal noo pelit tracoc demor eec par pesser un sejar adiante.

Date: 17 Aug 2014

We all had a beautiful time at Rumah Lotus Villa. A big thank you to Made, Yanti and team that made our stay very special by doing everything polite. We really hope to come back soon.

Tomy, Rose,Mia
Date: 31st July 2014

Dear Yanti and Made,
You both are absolutely generous in offering and extending your help and care in every moment during our stay at the villa Rumah Lotus. It’s because of you both, our stay here has been very comfortable and relaxed. Thanks specially for taking us to one of your important festivals. We all will cherish the moment and would definitely plan to come back to the villa.
Thank you very much!

Date: June 26 2014

All of our expectations were exceeded at this magnificent place. Of course, Made and Yanti made everything perfect with the warm of their personalities. We will return here, and we will recommend it to our friends.

Stephen and Carol (New York)
Date : June 22 ,2014


We had an amazing 3 relaxing wonderful nights, we wished to have it more.
Made and Yanti made this extra ordinary vacation unforgettable.
Thank you all for the spectacular reception on the night of arrival at was so warm.
Expect us very soon again

Thamer and Maram
Date : 3-6 June 2014


It is so difficult to leave this paradise on earth! We were greeted on our arrival by angels (Made, Yanti, Mr Gusti and a handsome gardener the next morning. We left our worries and cares behind and were taken under our ngel’s wings. They expressed a sincere interest in our lives and our pets (two dog).
The food was beyond delicious and the presentation of even the smaller dish made our dining experience special.
ah_the bed ah_ !!! 😀
The pool cool and refreshing especially with a cold beer in hand.
We will NEVER forgot you!!
Thanks so much for the special birthday cake. Surprise for me!!!

Jondly, the Wilson Clan
Date : May 16 2014

Ruby, Simon and I were very happy with our stay at villa Rumah Lotus and will remember always our july night among the rice field in Bali/Ubud
We look forward to returning in the future.

Date: July 7 2014


Yanti, Made and staff
We have had wonderful time enjoying Rumah Lotus, the beautiful surrounds and exceptional service. The villa exceeds all expectations and we look forward to returning in the future.
The perfect place to relax and recharge.
Thank you

Lake, Marianne and Michael
Date : 21-27 April 2014


Dear Made, Yanti and all staff at Rumah Lotus,
Thank you all for making this memorable and exceptional first experience in Bali, you’ve set the bar very high! We are very impressed with your professionalism, the cleanliness of the accommodations and the attention to detail.
We will all remember this as a very special place and hope to visit again.
This place really is pretty perfect was trying to think of how it can improve, and the only thought was add a BBQ grill.

Jason, Jessie, Paul and Melissa
Date : April 8, 2014


Dear Made, Yanti, Mr Gusti
What can we say. We were over whelmed by the beauty of this villa and its peaceful surrounds. This was made even more like paradise. Thanks to you Made, Yanti and Mr Gusti. Eager to please us and always smiling you just made this a memorable serene 4 days we will never forget. I would recommend Rumah Lotus to anyone and we will return.
Take care and from the bottom of our hearts
‘Thank you’

Louise & Mark Dular
Date : February 2014


Dear Made, Yanti & Mr. Gusti
Thank you so much for the most amazing, relaxing time, we could not have wished for a more perfect experience in a villa Rumah Lotus, sophisticated, sensational, amazing, just a few descriptive words. Again, it was made absolutely perfect with the friendly, beautiful staff.
“Made,Yanti,Mr. Gusti” and all other staff
“Thank You”
We look forward to returning again soon.
Until we meet again

Love Toni & Leon Grosser (Australia)
Date : February 2014


Rumah Lotus is the best place we’re ever lived in. It’s very peaceful and beautiful here, far away from the hustles and bustles. The staff here, Made, and Yanti are quite polite and helpful. The stay here has made our trip in Bali perfect. Everything is wonderful. Hopefully we can come back again!!

Chan Wei & Ding Wei
Date : Feb , 2014


Extremely stylish , so warmly friendly, beautifully located, relaxing music, and most importantly: Top class staff!
Thank you so much Made, Yanti, Gusti.
We already hope and dream of coming back.

Ket.Rain( Estonia)
Date : January 18, 2014


Best Villa in Bali (Ubud)
You can’t go wrong here, peaceful, private, 3 days at a villa this was awesome escape. We stayed in villa with rice paddy view.
The staff is great, polite and helpful.
C.N in the next visit

Trisna and Family
January 10, 2014


Thank you so much for your attention and service. Our stay couldn’t be were perfect.
The views of the villa are breathtaking, I am sure that we will never forget our days in this paradise!

Ana, Will, Trisna & Aida
1st of January 2014


Dear Made, Yanti and staff
Perfect service, always with a smile. Beatiful meals by Yanti, absolute delightful experience.
A special thank you from Miette for your kind attention to her ‘ 2 years old needs’
Much love

Rose,Tery, Ben, Shopie, Miete
Date : 30 Dec-1 Jan 2014


Our second stay at Rumah Lotus has been perfect! Thank you Made and Yanti. We enjoyed our relaxing time very much and wish it could have been for longer!
See you next time!

Guy and Caroline Machaughtan
Date : 26- 29Dec 2013


Villa Rumah Lotus
Thank you so much for a lovely stay. We had a wonderful time continue your excellent service.

From Dan and Amanda, I am and Nicolas
Date : 21- 25 Dec 2013


Dear Made and Yanti,
Our stay was wonderful! It couldn’t have been more perfect. We chose the right location for our holiday. Peaceful rice field, beautiful music, and lovely people.
Thank you for providing us with everything we needed before we needed it! Bali is special place. –will be back soon-.

Paul, Chis, Maureen.
Date: 30th Aug 2013


Thanks Made, Yanti ,Pak Gusti and Pak Ketut for the service and care. We enjoyed very much stay at villa Rumah Lotus.

Hendrik, Tony and Andre
Date : 16th Aug 2013


Thank you so much for this great and unexpected stay alive to an upgrade, in this wonderful villa. Best staff: Made, Yanti and Gusti, who took care of us.
Amazing setting, the service and surroundings were just gorgeous. We enjoyed our 3 days here in Rumah Lotus so much, probably the best way to stay near Ubud!!
Take care of you!!
The best wishes to this perfect location and especially to the staff!

Mirachel from Australia, 13th Aug 2013

Our stay just was perfect.
Only one night but just was the perfect honeymoon.
The staff so polite. Our butter made very professional. The service, the accommodation and the surroundings gorgeous.
Everything just lovely unexpected.
Thank you so much for making our stay unforgettable.

Suseme & Chonowo, 10 Aug 2013

Dear Made, Yanti and the villa Rumah Lotus Team.
Thank you for making our stay unforgettable!
We loved every minute, the bike ride through the fields and lovely meals.
We will be back very soon!

Best Wishes,
Raquel, Shane, and Lucas, June 2013


We arrived, and dropped looking at the spectacular view (setting superb) Made and Yanti Terimakasih.
Thank you to all the staff for handling to all our request. This morning, our last morning here, we are sad to leave, the Breeze is soft, the Batukaru Gunung is stately tall, the field cheerful and everything is dancing along with the wind.
Made thank you for taking the children to your home, ‘priceless’ ‘helping us’
Yanti thank you for catering all the little this and that.

Selamat Tinggal, Jumpa lagi
Sham, Pamel, Line, Nursa, Aijah, May 31st 2013


Short but very pleasant stay at Rumah Lotus! Made helped a lot with our 3 girls and Yanti cook very well. Thank you!

Stephanie & Bruno,  May 8th 2013


Thank you Made and Yanti for being great hosts. We have had a very relaxing time in this beautiful villa. We enjoyed the walk in the village and seeing your home and school and thanks for making sure there was always enough nuts for the pancakes!

April 2013


Melewati 3 hari 2 malam di villa Rumah Lotus, Mendengarkan alunan musik mendamaikan jiwa. Pagi-pagi suara kokok ayam dan burung. Sore hari menikmati fanorama tenggelamnya matahari di pedesaan. Malam ditemani suara tokek dan kodok, tiada duanya bagi kami.
Thanks banget untuk hostnya, Ibu Diana bersama staff Made, Yanti and Gusti.
Will come again!!

Yong & Friends, March 2013

Dear Rumah lotus,

“From the moment we walked in we are in love! Such as beautiful villa and the views are indescribable ! Waking up to paddy fields, tress and mountains has been an unenected pleasure every morning. Everything has been so luxurious. Catching BELUT ( paddy field worms) were a highlight.

Lastly we cannot say enough about the staff here. GUSTI with his smiley presence and what we can only imagine are his ninja stealth skills. KETUT keeping everything beautiful. YANTI, a wizard in the kitchen and so warm and friendly and lastly everyone’s hero MADE! He’s been so helpful ,kind and informative. Our son adores him. The staff here make Rumah lotus what it is!

Thank you for an unforgettable time.”

Jesse, Dec & Milo, 14 Feb 2013


“Thank you for your hospitality ,Made-San ,Yanti-San ,Gusty-San. My family and me pleasure to stay with enjoy!”

Mr. Kamada Kazuhiro, 11 Feb 2013


“Thank you so much. We had very beautiful night. Very good staff and nice breakfast. We’ll came back soon.”

Mr. Dima, 4 Feb 2013


Bonjour! Villa Indah dan Bersahabat.
“We had a pleasant stay @ Rumah Lotus! Everything is heavenly (from the scenery to the atma). Friendly staff especially Made who show the great service & helping hard. Being a local (barn & raise in Bali ), we are proud and happy to find such a wonderful villa in my favorite area, Tegallalang. We currently live in Sidney, to come and stayed here has been a great escape for us and surely will come back regularly to re-charge as well as re-connect with my home land.

Thank you again for the great service and kindness of all staff and definitely would spread the good word to our friend & family about the wonderful time we had here.”

Elysia & Edwin, 19 Jan 2012


A very big thank you to each and everyone, the owner!!! And staff. What amazing place and we will return again.”

Bman ligh & Perltz. W A, May 2011


Thank you very much for making us feel welcome. We had a wonderful time. This is a beautiful villa and we are lucky to have stayed here on our first trip to Bali.

Everything was very relaxing and we can’t say enough how much we enjoyed being here and meeting you. The food was excellent, especially the mie goreng (fried noodle).

Thank you again for having us.

Craig wengel & Amanda Smith, April 2011


My husband and I come to BALI. This is the first time for us but we are really lucky to have a nice place for stay in BALI which is Rumah LOTUS. We have a nice view, completely quite. It is really good for relaxing with a wonderful place like here.

Jessica and Maxime PETIT in honeymoon July 2009